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IT'S NO SECRET: Pets love to share our food and we love to let them!
PAWS 2 LOVE ALWAYS is hosting it's first ever COOK OFF!

LOVE TO COOK? Our Bake off for Paws contest is now accepting entires. ALL entries and fees MUST be in by September 15th! NO LATE ENTRIES!
Contestants must create a people quality, pet friendly sweet or savory treat that owners can safely share with their four pawed best friend. Can be for cats or dogs or both.

Entry fee is $25.00 per entry. You may enter as many recipes as you like! They can be a sweet or savory treat. Simply fill out the attached application form and send it in with your fees.

For more information please contact Tina at I will email you an entry form or you can pick them up at participating locations. I will send you a list of locations upon request.
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